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Dearborn Michigan 1st Birthday Party
A First Birthday Party
Detroit Pistons Hoopster and Dynamike
Piston's Hoopster and Dynamike
Farmington Michigan Dynamike Balloon Magic
Dynamike Balloon Magic
Taylor Michigan Dynamike Downriver Magic
Dynamike Downriver Magic
Dynamike and David Copperfield
Dynamike and David Copperfield
Lincoln Park Michigan Dynamike and kids at a park
Dynamike and Kids at a Park
Dynamike in Detroit Free Press
Dynamike in Free Press
Southgate Michigan Dynamike levitating Hooster
Dynamike Levitating Hoopster
Dinosaur Exhibit
Dinosaur Exhibit
Wyandotte Michigan Kid's Halloween Party
Halloween Party
Troy Michigan Kids Laughing at a Show
Kids enjoying a Show
Dearborn Michigan Laughter at a Fundraiser
Laughter at a Fundraiser
Ferndale Michigan Magician Magic Flowers
Dynamike Magical Flowers
Rochester Hills Michigan Magician Magic Show In Basement
Magic Show in Basement
Grosse Pointe Michigan Magician Outdoor Party
Dynamike Outdoor Party
Wayne Michigan Magician Performing Closeup Magic
Performing Closeup Magic
Westland Michigan Magician Performing at a Batmitzvah
Performing at a Batmitzvah
South Lyon Michigan Magician Performing at a Christmas Party
Performing at Christmas
Northville Michigan Magician Performing at a Communion Party 2
Performing at First Communion
Novi Michigan Magician Performing at a Communion Party 3
Performing at Communion Party
Toledo Ohio Magician Performing at a Cub Scout Banquet
Cub Scout Banquet
Ann Arbor Michigan MagicianPerforming at a Girl Scout Party
Girl Scout Party
Ypsilanti Michigan Magician Performing at a Girl Scout Party 2
Girl Scout Party
Magician Performing at a Park in River Rouge Michigan
Performing at a park
Performing at an Outdoor Birthday Party
Outdoor Birthday Party
Performing at the Blackwell Institute School
Kids reaction at a School
Performing at the White House 2
White House Lawn 2014
Performing at the White House 3
White House Easter Egg Roll 2014
Pop a Bubble
Pop a Bubble
Spirit of Detroit Levitation
Spirit of Detroit
Street Magic Show
Street Magic Show
Dearborn Heights Michigan Magician Volunteer at Magic Show
Volunteer at Magic Show
Warren Michigan Face Painting at Michigan Park
Face Painting
Westland Michigan Magician Meijer Team Member Day
Meijer Team Menu Day
White House Lawn 2015
White House Lawn 2015
Aretha Franklin Party
Aretha Franklin Party 2016
Television Consultant For Richard Karn
TV Magic Consultant for Richard Karn
Detroit Zoo
Detroit Zoo