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"Dynamike was very professional and very entertaining.
Even the adults in the audience were impressed with his skills."

...Head Start

Birthday Party: Dynamike pulls from his enormous bag of comedy tricks to wow your audience and keep them guessing how he does it for a full hour. Audience participation will also be included. Live furry critters will be included the kids will love. The birthday child will be made the star of the show. A gift will be given to the birthday child.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party: For classic event entertainment, you canít go wrong with magic. Give your party some pizzazz with Dynamike. He is a top-rated magician that will dazzle your guests with flawless prestidigitation.

Block Club Party: Dynamike will have your neighbors excited as they arrive at the block club party. Dynamike's amazes the guest with professional magic illusions he is well experienced with.

Child Day Care: Young kids get a blast from watching Dynamike's comedy magic. He uses a lot of humor in his show keeping the youths amazed with laughter. Dynamike is fully insured so there are no worries in that respect.

Church Event: Dynamike has spent years entertaining families at all type of church events. His magic is safe and clean so everyone will enjoy.

Communion Party: Looking for an entertainer for your Child's First Communion party? Well Dynamike is your answer. Dynamike will keep the audience entertained with mystifying magic tricks. Live animals will be included that are safe and harmless. Dynamike will make your Communion Child the star of the show.

Company Picnic: Dynamike will keep families entertained at your annual Company Picnic. Individuals will be talking about Dynamike for days. He will bring a sound system so he can heard inside or outside.

Cub/Boy Scout Banquet: Dynamike knows how much time and effort goes into making Blue and Gold Dinners a success. There is so much that has to be done that often times it feels like climbing a huge mountain. We would like to help you solve some of these situations for you by being your entertainment solutions provider. Dynamike can provide: A magic show that is specifically tailored to scouting. Being a theme magician, Dynamike knows what scouts like, the inside jokes and what it is all about. It is a show that fits your schedule for that evening, as we know awards and skits must also be done. An Interactive show that is family-friendly, so that everyone at the event gets in on the fun and has an enjoyable evening.

Customer Appreciation Event: Celebration with Customer Appreciation Days is an important tool part of the company's marketing strategy to promote your business. Looking at its advantages, if you too are planning on having one, Dynamike will be a great deal of support with his entertainment to help make your business memorable to your customers and your customers willing to come back.

Family Reunion: Dynamike helps keep your family reunion memorable as everyone is having fun and are excited by his comedy and mystifying magic.

Festivals and Fairs: Dynamike can perform where he can walk around or be on stage keeping the family crowds entertained. Please contact us by phone so we will know what type of package you are interested in so we can quote you a fee.

Fund Raiser: Magic at a fund raiser is clever way to sell tickets and collect donations. Dynamike will surely be a plus in building your money pot for your school, club, nonprofit, charity, team and any other type of organization.

Girl Scout Event: Girl Scouts of all ages will enjoy watching Dynamike's magic show. He will have them saying, "How did he do that?" Dynamike will have your scouts as the center of attention at the special event. Dynamike will use some of the members for audience participation.

Graduation Party: Dynamike is excellent at entertaining individuals of all ages at Graduation Parties. At kids' Graduation Parties he will keep all the children attention the same time as he performs with a stand up act. For teenagers' Graduation Parties he will stroll around the crowd presenting hand held effects from his pockets as other activities are going on.

Halloween Party: This year don't just give them a treat, give them a few tricks from Dynamike as well! Dynamike can be of great help making your Halloween party one to remember because his Halloween magic is never too scary and loads of fun. Each effect is specially chosen to weave a web of Halloween fun for children of all ages.

Holiday Party: Planning on having entertainment at a holiday party for the family? Well Dynamike can be of great assistance to you. He uses his magic with great humor to keep family and friends amazed.

Library Assembly: Dynamike entertains the kids with magic while speaking on a certain theme to read books. The most popular theme he uses in libraries is "Reading is Magic."

Parks and Recreation: Dynamike performs at all type of public venues for parks and recreation keeping children entertained with his comedy magic. If it rains at an outside event, we are glad to postpone to a different day.

School Assembly: Would you like Dynamike to add a certain motivational, educational or inspirational theme to the students with his magic? The major themes are "Drug Prevention," "Positive Self-Esteem," Stay In School" and "Anti-Bullying." Magic tricks will blend in with the topic keeping the kids attention as they learn while being entertained.

Summer Day Camp: Kids love to watch Dynamike's magical entertainment at Summer Day Camps. He keeps the kids excited the whole time wanting to see more and more.

Sweet 16 Party: Having a Sweet 16 Birthday Party for your daughter? Looking forward to have everyone fascinated by an expert magician at her party? Well Dynamike is your answer. He will stroll around keeping the teenagers entertained with magic that can be shown at a close view. Sometime in the show he will put your daughter in the spotlight making her the star.

Wedding Reception: Looking forward to have a magician keep the kids attention with professional entertainment during a wedding reception? Dynamike is an expert in that manner. While the adults are eating, socializing, dancing and having fun, Dynamike keeps the kids from being bored so they will have their own fun.


Balloons & Face Painting:

After each magic show Dynamike can paint faces and/or twist balloons into different shapes for the kids for an additional cost.

Face Painting

If you do not see your type of event listed, please contact us at 248-535-3549.